Thursday, 17 August 2017


August 4, 2017

This card came from Anne in France.  She wrote a friendly message and gave me some info on the place that is on the card.  Yay!

She wrote,

"Bonjour Helen!  I'm Anne and I live in Nantes, France.
On the postcard you can see the Fountain on La Place Royale
and La Tour LU (on the right).  La Tour LU represents the LU
(biscuits of Nantes).  It means Lefevre Utile (The 2 people who
invented the biscuits). Around the postcard it's Les Berlingols Nantais,
the speciality of Nantes.  It's sweets with different perfumes.
I love eating Le Gauteau Nantais (with Rhum and sugar),
my favourite specialty of Nantes.

Happy Postcrossing!   Anne"

The stamp is rather interesting.  It looks like it is celebrating something with France and The Philippines.  

Thank you for the card Anne! 

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