Thursday, 24 August 2017


August 14, 2017

This beautiful card came to me from Daryna, a University student in the Ukraine.  She sent a very chatty green message on the back of her card and used some gorgeous stamps too.

She wrote,

Hello Helen!

Greetings from Ukraine :-)
My name is Daryna, I'm 17 y. old student of National University, Ostroh Academy, where I learn international relations.  

Your address is my first since I made a pause in doing Postcrossing.  Earlier it became a little bit expensive for me, in that time I was in school and didn't have own costs to do them freely, but now, when I have a scholarship, I decided to return to my hobby.

I love dogs and reading different things about happening in the world.  I'm really interested in history of different countries, last thing that I read was about war in Vietnam and tools (and conditions) which helped Vietnamese people to win it.  Now I'm trying to learn Prolaic [very hard to read word, might have it wrong] language, but it seems hard, because many letters of their ABC don't have analogue in Ukr.  Hope you have a nice summer!

Kyiv Sunrise
Have a look at these gorgeous stamps!  Really beautiful.  The big ones on top are amazing!

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