Thursday, 28 September 2017


September 8, 2017

This card came to me from China and was sent by a person who wrote her card in Japanese using Google Translate.  I don't know why she did that as she said that she wanted to write in English (according to my husband).  I don't read Japanese and I say that in my profile so perhaps she doesn't read English that well either.

Unfortunately I can't transcribe what she wrote on the back of the card. It seems friendly enough however.

She also used a pretty stamp, so I'm happy that she did send the card to me.

I have no idea what this card represents!
I do like the bird stamp, however.


Eva A. said...

This is a strange picture, indeed. But the stamp is nice.
I knew that you don't read Japanese, but I wonder if you speak any. I'm Spanish, living in Morocco. I speak/read Arabic, but my husband doesn't. Actually, it isn't necessary, as most people here speaks Spanish, French, English, or everything. But I still think it would be strange to me to be living here and don't understand the signs.

Helen said...

I don't speak very much Japanese at all. Most of my life in Japan is in English! I taught English, my husband and I speak English together, so learning Japanese hasn't been a big part of my life.

I can usually read a menu, and get a pretty good idea what simple signs say, but Kanji is pretty difficult. Most people learn it by pure memorization from a very early age. I get by fairly well without knowing a lot of Japanese.

When I first came here, my intent was to stay for a couple of years and then go home! 20 years later....just happened! It isn't that easy to study either in my small city. Finding teachers has been difficult too.

Thanks for visiting and commenting too!