Friday, 22 September 2017

Poland - Book

September 4, 2017

This lovely Ladybird cover postcard came to me from Marysia in Poland.  She wrote a friendly note on the back and used a huge, gorgeous stamp too.  I'm a lucky postcrosser!!

She wrote,
"Hi Helen,
I'm Marysia, I live in Władysławowo, a small town near the Baltic Sea, in Poland. 

In my free time I like to read books and listened to music.  Currently I'm reading 'The Graveyard Book' by Neil Gaiman.

Have a nice day,

I had a few Ladybird books when I was young, but I didn't have this one either.  

Life of the Honeybee, 1969 (Series 651 - Natural History)
By W. Sinclair, illustrated by J. Payne.
This stamp is amazing!  A little Google-fu tells me that this is a sturgeon, but apart from that, I don't know a lot about it. Very cool stamp.


Mro Ga said...

Very nice!!

Helen said...

Thank you! I like it too!