Friday, 1 June 2018

Netherlands - Food

May 15, 2018

This card came to me at a good time. I was having a bad day and I really needed to receive a friendly card.  I instantly felt connected to the sender with her lovely note on the back of the card.

She wrote;

25 April 2018

Dear Helen,
Greetings from The Netherlands,
I am originally from the UK & move here from Scotland.
I have family in Canada that I am just connecting with through
my research of the family tree.
The Dutch like this dish with sausage - I used to enjoy it too
before I became allergic to the peas!

I do the research as I was adopted so I used DNA to find my roots.
It is DNA Day today - Sascha Jane X

Snert (Hollandse erwtensoep)
Dutch Pea Soup
 She made a comment about liquorice allsorts, even put a sticker with some on it on the back of the card.  I love this stamp! So cool.

She said, "English liquorice allsorts - the Dutch adore liquorice, salty & sweet

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