Tuesday, 17 February 2015

China - Food

February 7, 2015

This card came from Mickey from China.  She writes that it isn't very far from Japan.  She lives in Beijing and asks if I know it.  She says it is a very big city in China.  It has lots of famous food.  Some of the food is too hard too say in English, so she'll try to make me understand it.  The card will show me a kind of famous food in Beijing which is named "the Doornail Pancake." Ha ha...It just means that the Pancake is like a nail.  How big?  Just like the Doornail.  It's usually on the city gate.  The colour is gold.  The pancake is very delicious and she hopes I have a a chance to try it.  She sends her best wishes and dated the card Jan. 27th, 2015.

She also wrote on the back at the top, BTW:  It's almost your birthday next week.  So...Happy Birthday to you!  :-)

Quite a nice example of a stamp.  It seems to have missed being cancelled completely, although there is a stamp mark on the back of the card.  

Thanks Mickey!


Eva A. said...

I like the postcard, the combination of pictures and drawing. This cake seems delicious!

Helen said...

It does look good. I think it looks a bit like a shu mei or something, a kind of dumpling, but I could be wrong!

Thanks for visiting :-)