Thursday, 19 March 2015

Germany - An Envelope of Cards

March 10, 2015

I received 4 cards in an envelope from Michael.  There was a Post-it note attached to one of them, telling me that it was already uploaded for me.  He also wrote on the Post-it "Best regards from Berlin with a few postcards for you.

While I understand that some people don't want to bother writing much on their cards, I prefer not to receive a bunch of cards that have nothing to do with any of my interests.  In fact, because of this particular Postcrossing I have requested that I not receive any more Free Cards unless they relate to my listed interests.

When I thanked Michael I told him that I would have preferred one card that he had written on, rather than a group of blank cards like this.

Postcrossings like this make me rather grumpy I'm afraid.

Get off my lawn!

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