Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Netherlands - Movie Card

March 10, 2015

Truut sent this card to me, with a lovely chatty message on the back.  I sent her back quite a long thank you message because it has been a while since I received a written card that excited me as much.

She wrote that her favourite movie is "The Runner", an Iran movie.  Her favourite actor is Al Pacino, who we can see on this postcard in Carlito's Way.  Unfortunately, she couldn't find a card of him in Dog Day Afternoon (one of his best movies!)

She says that she loves to cook and thanks to a friend from Tokyo she can make sushi which her friends love.

She loves travelling to Spain and the USA.

She also loves the film Lost in Translation and says it is a great movie.  She hopes I like the typically Dutch stamp on the card, a mill.  (Sorry, I didn't scan it this time.) She closes by wishing me greetings and lots of luck from Holland.

Carlito's Way - Al Pacino
Almost a black and white card!  It's very cool!


Jeffrey Niemann said...

Iranian film is brilliant. As a starting point I recommend "Children of Heaven", it's a really beautiful movie.

Helen said...

One problem for me here watching any non-English film is that the subtitles are in Japanese. My Japanese reading skill is quite basic (menus only) so I have mostly given up seeing non-English films here. I occasionally buy "foreign" films when I'm in Canada and bring them over for the subtitles, but then it is difficult for my husband to watch them.

I do occasionally watch non-English films when my DH watches them on TV, so I'll keep an eye out for Iranian films.

Thanks for the film suggestion!