Tuesday, 17 March 2015

United States - Movie Theme Park

March 10, 2015

Ke sent this cool card from America to me.  Ke writes that she is a Chinese person living in America. She prefers Asian food rather than the fast food in the US :D She loves sushi and udon very much.  Her favourite movie last year was Gone Girl and she asks if I liked it too.  (I do!)  She closes with her best wishes.

I have ridden the Jaws ride in Universal Studios in Japan.  Scary, wet and cold! (It was December.)

Ke used these great stamps on her card.  It's so nice to see good stamps from the US!

Felipe Rojas-Lombardi was a Peruvian born chef.  He helped bring Spanish and Caribbean cooking influences to US haute cuisine.  

Edna Lewis was a chef and writer famous for writing about Southern cuisine.


Jeffrey Niemann said...

I like Asian food too, particularly Japanese - sushi, ramen, gyoza etc. I like Chinese too but find it's not as healthy as Japanese dishes. I'd like to try more Korean food but it'd hard finding places in our area that offer it.

Helen said...

I enjoy a lot of Japanese food, but I'm afraid I do get quite tired of it. And I'm honestly not convinced it is as healthy as everyone thinks! A lot of modern Japanese food is very starchy/high carb and it has a lot of salt in it. In fact, the area I live is quite famous for its salty food.

I enjoy food from other countries when I have the chance, but there aren't a lot of "ethnic" options here. We can get quite good Korean food here, but I miss things like Mexican and Greek in my little city.

Thanks so much for visiting!