Tuesday, 21 April 2015


April 1, 2015 --Finally made it to April...I am receiving many cards these days...it is hard to keep up!

Tessa sent this really interesting looking card to me with a nice long note on the back.

She wrote, "So sorry I don't have any of your requests!  So I am just sending you a colorful card which I really like myself, since it is totally surreal...and I bought it in a shop that sells stuff 'for a good cause'.

My favorite movie of all time is "Les uns et les autres" covering 3 generations, 2 wars, and people from 5 or 6 countries!

3 years ago I crossed your hometown in Canada, while travelling in an RV with my husband and an American friend of ours.  Enjoy all you do!  Take care, TESSA"

My profile requests are just requests and if someone can't find anything, but writes a nice chatty note on the back of whatever card they send, I am more than happy.  One thing I asked was for something that was interesting to the sender, with an explanation of why it was.  This card does that, so I am very pleased with it.  That, and I think pink flamingos are so kitschy cool!

This series of simple stamps is quite nice.  I see it often from the Netherlands, but I like it.  Plus, I ride a bicycle around my city so it is quite fitting for me!


jeannettestgermain said...

What would Holland do without bikes?? I am Dutch, and lived for the last 3 decades in the USA - How long have you lived in Japan? That's quite a different culture!

Helen said...

I think the same could be said about Japan...the ubiquitous "mama-char" is still very much used here. It's still quite common to see mothers riding bicycles with a child in front and a child behind them!

I've been here for 18 years...quite a bit different from Canada, yes! I love it, most of the time though.

My little bike is a folding bicycle, very convenient for getting where I want to go.

I imagine there is quite a difference for you between the Netherlands and the USA too!

Thanks for commenting!