Friday, 22 May 2015

British Duo - Actress and Book

April 28, 2015

Two great cards from the UK arrived on the same day recently.  Have a look!

23 April 2015 St.  George's Day, England's Patron Saint

This is the 800th Postcrossing card that I have written.  I am happy to celebrate it with you on this auspicious day.  Leo

Reproduced from a stamp designed by Howard Brown, featuring an illustration of Mr. Pickwick from Character Sketches from Charles Dickens, c. 1890

Look at these cool stamps.  I've never seen the one with David Niven on it before, and The Holly and the Ivy stamp is very beautiful.  It must be quite old since it has a ½ pence on it too!  They seem to have been hand cancelled with a pen...I think it is strange, and I've not seen this one before.

My second card of the day came with a short message on the back.

"Hi, I am a teacher in a high school.  During the holidays I love to travel.  I was in Canada last summer (including Edmonton) and I will be visiting Japan this summer.  Julian

Brigitte Bardot

I love the Keats stamp, and the lighthouse stamp is very nice too!


Eva A. said...

I have received the first postcard as a stamp long time ago. And I like the Keats' stamps. It must be very old too.

I have had pen cancellations sometimes, mostly from the UK (, but also from other countries like Canada ( I dislike it.

Helen said...

I *think* I might have the first card as a stamp from when I lived in Britain, but I don't have that stamp album here with me, so can't be sure.

Thanks for the links to the other cancellations by pen and pencil. I really didn't know that they did that! I've had a few un-rubber-stamped (?) cards or envelopes before, but not inked like that!

One of the great things about this blog is how much _I_ get to learn :-)

As always, thanks for visiting!