Thursday, 21 May 2015


April 27, 2015

Yurate sent this lovely card from Lithuania.  She writes, " My warm wishes come from Lithuania! I'm Yurate, live in a small village near our capital Vilnius.  I work at school as a teacher.  I like my pupils and we travel a lot.  I like writing projects, then we get grant and travel travel.  My pupils like making friends, meet new people, communicate with them.  We've visited many countries since 2008."

"Talking about family-I'm married and have two adult children - son and a daughter.  We all like travelling, sport and music.  Best, Yurate

Sadly, there's only a pre-printed stamp on the back, I think it is probably a prepaid card, like many that we get in Canada.  Oh well.

A lovely message and card.  Thanks so much :-)

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