Friday, 10 July 2015

Netherlands - Actress Card in Black and White

June 26, 2015

Maud wrote a fun little note on the back of her card to me recently.  She said, "It is lovely to meet another person who can appreciate old movie stars.  A while ago I watched the movie "It Happened One Night". It was unexpectedly funny.  Happy Postcrossing, Maud"

I agree that It Happened One Night was funny.  Claudette Colbert was a fabulous comedian and Clark Gable wasn't a slouch either!  It's a great film to watch.
Greta Garbo

These are very interesting stamps.  The big one on the right looks blurry.  It is actually a stamp that moves, so we can see the speed-skater skate across the ice.  It is really neat, but hard to scan.  The other two stamps are quite cool.  I love the idea of sending a stamp of a woman in a kimono to someone in Japan!

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