Thursday, 9 July 2015


June 25, 2015

This unusual card was sent by Bruno in Belgium.  I was  pleased to receive it as I liked the rock band Poison quite a bit.  However, afterwards I saw that many people on his list had received this card.  I still like it, but feel a little sad that so many people received it.

Anyway, Bruno did write a nice message on the back of the card.  He said, "I'm Bruno, 28 years old from Belgium and I'm thrilled to send you this vintage 80's music postcard.  I'd like to visit Japan one day and open a bonzai store.  I'm boring in Belgium.  Too much a**holes and selfish people.  I wish you a great life in Japan.  Love Bruno  CARPE DIEM"

I really love these stamps.  They are gorgeous.  I'm not a bug fan, but I like them!

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