Thursday, 2 July 2015

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June 24, 2015

Martha sent me a thoughtful note on her postcard, which I appreciated a lot.  She also used some very nice US stamps, so delighted me with that too!

She wrote, "Hello, I confess a bit of envy-your story of love and moving to a foreign country sounds very romantic - of course I'm sure the reality is more prosaic.  I am 57, widowed, retired and looking forward to every postcard.  I do only international thru. P.crossing as I love the bits of lives that I then embellish.  On my "bucket list" is a visit to Japan, as well as driving to California!  Best wishes, Martha"
Biblioteca Marucelliana, Florence, Italy

Lovely US stamps.  I haven't seen the Forget-me-nots or the 70 cent stamp before.  

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