Wednesday, 8 July 2015

United States of America - Art

June 25, 2015

Leslie sent this scientific and beautiful card to me recently.  She wrote a nice note to me on the back.  She noted that I have the same first name as her mother, which is interesting to me.  She continues,"My name is Leslie and I live in Columbus, Ohio.  I have an 8, almost 9 year old son named Hobbes who is my heart.  I'm also a mixed media artist and currently am a manager at an art related store.  Hope you enjoy this postcard.  I love flowers.  Take care, Leslie"

I'm actually quite lucky that the card arrived as Leslie had put the wrong apartment number on it!  That's a time when being "the foreigner who gets a lot of postcards" works for me!

Tulip, 1955
The stamps that she used were interesting too.  I'm so happy to finally receive some different US stamps again:-)
The bunny ears are from a big sticker that I can't show you as I'd have to show my address too.  Sorry.

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