Thursday, 13 August 2015


July 31, 2015

Yvonne wrote a sweet note on the back of her card.  Because some of it is personal, I'll paraphrase what she said, rather than quoting directly.

She wrote that she has to apologize to me because the card wasn't sent for a long time.  There was a family problem and she wasn't able to send it on time.   She goes on to say, "I work in a black tea tourist factory.  Welcome to Taiwan to drink black tea one day.  Happy Postcrossing! :-) Yvonne, 2015"

According to Postcrossing, the card took 331 days to get to me, so Yvonne cut it a little close, but good for her for sending it.  We say, "Better Late than Never", and I think it is definitely true here!

Thanks so much for sending the card Yvonne.

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