Wednesday, 23 September 2015


August 29, 2015

This was a nice surprise...a fairly rare country and my first card from Luxembourg.  There is some German on the card which I couldn't translate I'm afraid.  The rest of the message goes like this...

"I am Simone, a German living in Luxembourg.  Luxembourg is a small country in Europe, framed by Germany, France and Belgium.  It is also the world's only Grand Duchy and did belong to the Netherlands till some 150 years ago.

This card shows sights in a border town from Luxembourg.  People from all over the world visit that town due to some kind of Catholic procession.

Best Wishes, Simone

Greetings from Echternach

I hope I write the monarch's name correctly.  According to Wikipedia, the man on the stamp is Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Just a note to my readers.  I am on holiday now so may not be able to approve any comments until I return.

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