Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Germany - Book

September 14, 2015

Karsten sent this great card and stamp from Northern Germany.

He writes, "My name is Karsten and I live in Northern Germany.  My hobbies are watching football(soccer), my motorbike, collecting stamps and, of course, postcrossing.  I think you know the name Martin Luther, (1483-1546).

Best wishes from Germany to Japan  Karsten"

Yes, I do know the name Martin Luther as I went to a Lutheran College back in Canada!

Wartburg Castle
Luther Bible with handwritten notes by Martin Luther

I don't know much about Asterix and his friends.  I'm not sure which character is on the stamp below. Anyone know for sure? It's a cool stamp though!


Eva A. said...

On the stamp he is Obelix, the best friend of Asterix. I love these characters!

Helen said...

Thank you! I did try to look it up, but I wasn't sure.