Saturday, 10 October 2015

Netherlands - Black & White Movie Card

September 15, 2015

Hanneke sent me a lovely movie card with a friendly, concerned note on the back!

"How are you?  Don't you miss your homeland I wonder....It must be difficult to live in Japan not knowing the language.  I hope you like this card, it's from a movie so I think you will... Wishing you all the best and take care!


I do miss Canada a lot, but as this card is posted to my blog, I'm actually in Canada so not to worry.  I haven't been back for two years this time.   I don't speak much Japanese, but I understand a bit and manage fairly well.

Gene Kelly "Singing in the Rain", 1951

I have posted the stamp twice because Hanneke put it on the card upside down!  In days of yore, there was a meaning to how the stamps were put on the cards, but I don't remember what upside down means!

I think this is a Ludo board...a neat subject for a stamp!

Thanks Hanneke!!

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