Friday, 9 October 2015

Russia - Movie Card - Bond Villain

September 14, 2015

Svetlana sent this card which was posted in my favourites (yay!) and wrote a nice note about one of the stamps she used.

"On the stamp you can see the Orenburg shawl (one of the classic Russian handicraft).  The Orenburg Shawl known as "Wedding Shawl" because thin as a cobweb downy shawl can be pulled through a wedding ring.  All the Best! Svetlana
P.S. A card is from your favs. :-)"

007 Joseph Wiseman in the title role of Dr. No (1962)

The stamp in the corner is the one that Svetlana wrote about.  I've had the stamp before, but her explanation is very good.  Also, I love crochet and since I'm working on a piece (not this gorgeous!) need the inspiration.

Thank you so much Svetlana!  

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