Thursday, 22 October 2015


September 28, 2015

Olga sent this card from the Ukraine with greetings.  She wrote about the artist whose work is on the card.  It was interesting, although, as always, I would have liked her to write about herself a bit.

"Hello, Helen!

Greetings from the Ukraine!

M.A. Berkos (the artist of this painting) was a Russian and Ukraine artist of Greek origin.  He worked mainly in the genre of landscape art.  In his works he often  turned to the subject of Ukrainian nature.

Almost all of the works of Berkos which were stored at his home (350 paintings and sketches) after his death were burned by his wife.  However, his works have been preserved in museum collections.

Olga :-)"
Mikhail Berkos (1861-1919)
"Flax is flowering". 1893

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