Friday, 13 November 2015

Gotochi Card - Chiba

November 2015

I haven't received any Postcrossing cards for a few days, so thought I would update you with some of the other cards I have received.

I recently did a trade with a person in Chiba.  She sent me these great cards.  I of course sent her some from Yamagata.

Rapeseed flower

Tai - Sea Bream

Asari - Clams

I love them, especially the cute little tai.  I've eaten tai quite often in Japan.


Eva A. said...

Have you ever counted how many Gotochi cards have you received?

Helen said...

No, I haven't counted them, but I have a file of them. We're on the 7th year now and there are 48 prefectures I think....I did start a Flickr album for them.
Of course, I have bought quite a few myself. :-)

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