Monday, 16 November 2015

Sent Cards That Never Arrived

November 15, 2015

It's time for a brief look at some of the lovely cards that I have sent that never made it to the person or persons I sent them to.  It is so sad.  I usually try hard to match the people's profile requests, so when a card I sent out doesn't arrive I am quite sad.

This lovely card of Yokohama at night with Mt. Fuji and the moon in the background was sent to Poland, but never arrived.  Sigh.  I've even been to the bit behind the Ferris Wheel so I was doubly saddened it wasn't registered.

Sushi is so pretty to look at.  It almost sparkles when you see it up close.   This card was supposed to go to Belarus, but didn't make it.

This Narnia card was supposed to go to Slovenia, to a movie fan who wanted pictures from Narnia movies or other family films.  I was quite sad as Ben Barnes is rather cute and I loved this card. 

I tried to send this amazing black and white card to Germany, to a family that only seems to show up on Postcrossing in the summer.  I must have missed their cut off date, because they weren't back on line in time to register this card.  They asked for cards showing hands and this one is a beauty.  It's a picture taken by a local Yamagata-ken photographer, Domon Ken.  The subject is a puppeteer.  I think it is an amazing photo and I was almost angry when it wasn't registered. 

A person in Latvia had requested postcards of people in national dress or children, or culture.  It has been a while.  This lovely girl was celebrating the 7-5-3 Festival in Tokyo.  

 This last card I'm featuring tonight shows a lovely road with cherry blossoms.   It comes from Hirosaki, a place I visited about 2 years ago.  I was there in deep winter, long before the cherries bloomed, but it was a nice place that I'd love to re-visit.  It was supposed to go to the Philippines, but it didn't make it.  I haven't had a lot of luck with cards going to the Philippines.

I hope that you have enjoyed this look back through my cards that didn't arrive.  What do you do if a card doesn't arrive?  Do you send another?  Contact the receiver?  Shrug it off?

I'd love to hear from you below. 


Eva A. said...

You're right, and it's really sad when the postcards don't arrive. A waste of time and money! But sometimes contacting the (supposed) recipient leads to a good end. There are people who just thought they have registered the card, when they actually forgot. Why don't you try?

The cards are very nice, I love all of them, especially the typical costume.

Helen said...

Thank you! I'm showing the nicest of the ones that didn't arrive.

I have tried in some cases to contact the people, especially if they are regulars on Postcrossing. If they go missing....not seen in a month or more, I don't bother because they are probably not going to do postcrossing any more.

I won't register postcards I haven't received, and I don't expect other people to do it for me. Sometimes I just make contact with them and tell them that I sent a card, and to look out for it, but I decided after a couple of times of sending second cards that I'm not going to send second cards any more. I don't have enough of a budget for that!

Thanks for visiting Eva :-)

Michelle said...

Hi Helen,

Michelle from Chiba here. I get frustrated by expired cards as I believe many more are unregistered than are actually lost. I once contacted a long-time PC member in Hong Kong about a card I'd sent almost two months earlier. She replied, thanking me for the beautiful card, and left it unregistered for days. I had to ask her to register it in a subsequent message!

Anyway, these cards are all lovely, I'm especially fond of the puppeteer's hand - unusual card and such crisp composition!

Helen said...

I suppose some people have a different sense of time than others! I try and register the cards as soon as I get them, while other people may not have computer access all the time. It is frustrating.

Thank you about the cards. Yes, the puppeteer's hand is by Domon Ken, a Sakata (next city to mine) and his works are quite amazing. I don't like all of his works, but this one really appealed to me.

Glad that you visited here :-)

Helen said...

He was a Sakata-born photographer.... to correct my sentence.

rouwaida abdou said...

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Helen said...

I appreciate the offer, but no thank you. I don't buy postcards from other countries as I'm not actually a collector.