Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Australia - Maxi Card Actor

January 12, 2016

This very cool card came from Helena who lives in Australia.  She wrote a very nice message on the back of this card.

She writes,"I'm Helena, live in the Blue Mountains -130km west of Sydney.  Geoffrey Rush is one of my favourite actors-did you see "The King's Speech" or "Shine"? great movies!

I was born in Switzerland and came to AUS over 30 years ago.  My two children are adults and I'm grandma to two sweet girls.  Happy New Year! Helena"

Yes, I like Geoffrey Rush a lot and have seen both Shine and The King's Speech.  In fact, one of the most interesting little movies I saw in 2014 was one of his.  It was called The Best Offer and was quite unusual.

Geoffrey Rush
 The card was pre-stamped, but there was an additional stamp on the back.

A very nice Postcrossing.  Thank you Helena!

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