Monday, 25 January 2016

Latvia - Handicrafts

January 12, 2016

I received this fabulous card from Kristine and I really liked it a lot.  It has a lot of mittens on it.  I  tried to knit a pair of mittens once, but my mother had to help me with the thumbs.  I loved them, but sadly ended up losing them somewhere.  I was quite sad about that.

Kristine writes, "Hello!  Greetings from Europe, greetings from Latvia.  And happy New 2016 year!

As winter with snow and frost arrived here, - sending you card with nice mittens in traditional patterns.  My granny also is making such for us.  Love them.  Warm and beautiful.  We are enjoying skiing and skating.  Happy Postcrossing!  Kristine"

Knitted Mittens.
Latvia.  18th c till the beginning of the 20th c.
National History Museum of Latvia
The bird you see on the stamp is, I believe, a Eurasian golden oriole.  The Wikipedia article is here.

Thanks Kristine :-)


Eva A. said...

This one is a perfect postcard! As a knitter myself, I'd like to receive it. Also I'd like to be able to knit a pair of these one day, but I just started to knit two years ago. Still too much to be learned :)

Helen said...

I really like it too. I've not tried anything as complicated as these mittens, maybe someday. I knit, but not that well. I'm much better at crochet.

Thanks for commenting!