Saturday, 13 February 2016


February 7, 2016

Regina sent this card from Germany.

Regina wrote," Hello, I live in the top of Germany in the country side.  Here all is flat and in summer many people spend their holidays in our region.  I like reading too.  Mostly detective stories that are placed in my region or in the alps.


I think this must be a new stamp.  I haven't seen this one before as far as I know.  

Thanks Regina!   I love detective novels too,  so am glad we have something in common!


Eva A. said...

I like the "Greetings from" series. The stamp too. I've never seen this so far.

Helen said...

I am not a huge fan of the "Greetings from" cards. I'm not sure why they are so popular! It was nice to get this one, and I think I've had at least one more, but I wouldn't put this series down as one that I want to collect. But, if everyone wanted the same things life would get boring, wouldn't it?!

Eva A. said...

I've received only one, from the Netherlands. I like it because it's the picture of a windmill. But I guess the facts get old-fashioned too quickly. And also, it is difficult that everyone agree. For instance, the first "Greetings from Spain" used to show a bull fighter; this is controversial topic and, in my opinion not representative of Spain (at least, not any more).
I can understand why people collect them,but I don't do.

Helen said...

Sure, I get understand that too! But there are so many cards that I do collect or appreciate, that I've decided not to ask for these. It's fun to get them, but I wouldn't ask for them. I like too many other kinds of cards more.

Thanks for visiting Eva :-)