Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Finland - Food/Art

May 31, 2016

This beautiful card with great stamps came from Laaksonlilja in Finland.  She wrote a lot on the back of her card, and it was full of movie opinions with a bit about the food on the front.  In other words, my kind of card!

She writes,"Finnish strawberry cake is best dessert in summer especially made from fresh Finnish strawberries.  Anyway, I'm a movie fan too.  Yesterday I watch on a DVD: Clouds of Sils Maria it's a story about aging actor. (Juliet Binoche, Kirsten Stewart) On movie theatre I last saw this year Allegiant (Divergent - trilary) waiting to see a movie Carol (Cate Blanchette).  I also like old movies like Casablanca, because I like Ingrid Bergman - movies, of course Humphrey Bogart is excellent too.   Best Wishes, Laaksonlilja"

These are interesting stamps plus stickers.  I quite like them.  

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