Monday, 6 June 2016

Norway - Tea

May 30, 2016

Lidia sent this great card from Norway to me.  She wrote a lovely chatty note on the back, the kind I really like.

I have just added tea related cards to my list of Postcrossing Druthers.  I am a bit of a tea hoarder.  I love the stuff, so pictures of tea and tea cups please me a lot!

Lidia writes,"I hope you don't have this card yet:) I love tea much more than coffee, it's color, it's smell, it's taste - and no sugar - thank you :-) Otherwise, I like reading, but the facebook and youtube takes over too often, unfortunately :( I wish it didn't.  I also have 3 kids, 21, 14 and 12, and I am a Christian - this is my life, ha ha :-). Have a wonderful life!! Best Wishes - Lidia"

Tea Time
Photo by Rozmarina
 One of the stamps is of course printed on, but the other is quite nice.  I know that lighthouses are very popular with some people. This one is rather beautiful.


Eva A. said...

I received the same postcard, but from Canada. I also love tea.

Helen said...

How interesting! It might have been sold on the net I suppose.

Another tea drinker. Yay! Do you have a favourite type of tea? I love Earl Grey, but I'm also partial to lapsang souchong at times. And, despite where I live, I really am not a fan of green tea ;-)

Eva A. said...

Earl Grey is also a favourite here! And also Russian Caravan. I like to try new teas.

Me too, I prefer black. But I drink tea from time to time, and I really like Genmaicha.

I usually buy the tea in Spain, because it is difficult to find good quality of tea in Morocco. Even if they drink litres and litres of Chinese green tea (with mint, usually, and a lot of sugar).

Helen said...

When I'm out or at the movies I usually drink oolong tea here. It's a Chinese tea, drunk straight without milk or sugar. I didn't like it at first but now I'm addicted to it!

Green tea is never drunk with sugar here in Japan! When I go to Canada it has sugar too, but not here. I do like mint tea sometimes though! I don't think I've had green mint tea. I might like it more!

Eva said...

I guess that's a cultural matter. In Morocoo, people like very sweet drinks. I've seen people at cafés adding enormous quantities of sugar to tea and coffee.

I like sweets, but I don't like sugar in my tea. All teas I drink without sugar!

I've tried oolong, and I like it. But it is not common in Spain (nor in Morocco).

Helen said...

I think you are right! Now when I go back to Canada for a break, I take my own oolong tea bags and make iced tea at my sister's house. Most of the drinks in the Canadian stores are too sweet for me. I loved iced nice on a hot day. It did take a bit of getting used to at the beginning.

The only teas I drink with sugar are dessert teas, otherwise, just with a bit of soy milk.

Oh, I deleted the extra comment...don't worry about it :-)