Monday, 4 July 2016

Canada - Tea

June 21, 2016

It's always a happy day for me when I receive a postcard from my own country.  I know how much sending a postcard is in Canada, and it is a lot more than it costs me to send a postcard here.  In Canada, there is no special rate for an international postcard, it costs the same as a letter, which is a lot if you ask my family!

However, Irene chose to join Postcrossing and sent me a great card for my Tea related collection AND was nice and chatty on the back so I'm very happy.

Irene wrote, "Hello, My name is Irene and I am now retired.  I worked in libraries, in television, on newspapers, in bookstores and with a literary festival.  Everything to do with language and writing and reading.
     My favourite movie is an oldie-black and white-Laura starring Gene Tierney.  I also enjoy watching Fred Astaire films.  Happy Postcrossing."

I love this cool stamp celebrating the year of the monkey.  I haven't seen it before.  My family usually emails me, so I don't get a lot of "mail" from them!

Thank you Irene!


Eva A. said...

The postcard is very nice. I have received the stamps of the year of the monkey and I think these are wonderful designs.

We haven't special rate for postcards nor in Spain, neither in Morocco. Maybe is for that reason that I send more letters than postcards!

Helen said...

I think I am very lucky then in Japan that there is a special rate for postcards! I'm sure I wouldn't send very many if there wasn't.

Thanks Eva!

Anonymous said...

I love this card-how unique! I've been reading thru some of your posts here and really enjoying the messages! You are so lucky to get such nice cards and messages! I haven't participated in Postcrossings in a while. Post office is a bit far to walk and I'm busy lately but now I'm feeling the urge again...!

Helen said...

Welcome Back! Yes, I have been quite lucky lately. Every now and then I get a curmudgeon who tells me my list of favourites is "unpostcrossing-like" or grumps about Japan doing something they don't like if _I_ could do anything about it, but the majority of people are perfectly lovely and send the best cards they can.

Thanks for commenting ;-)