Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Italy - Black and White/Actor/Actress

June 27, 2016

This great card came all the way from Italy with some lovely stamps on the back.  I thought at first that I had seen it before, but wasn't sure.  I couldn't see it on my Postcrossing wall, but I just scanned through my blog.  I received it before as a thank you from another postcrosser , but this time it is an official card.  I'm glad that I am able to show it off again!

Giada wrote, "Hello!  I write you from Milan in the north of Italy.  I'm slightly obsessed with tea.  I love traveling (I dream to visit JP!), reading, photography.  I love movies, I go to the cinema once a week, but I have a hard time picking just one movie as favourite =) Best Wishes GIADA"

Clark Gable-Joan Crawford in "La danza di Venere".
 I love the stamps too.  I don't think they were cancelled as they are so easy to read.  The stamp on the left is right up my alley, the other is beautiful.

Thank you Giada!  I try to go to the cinema every week too, and I also have a very, very difficult time  picking just one favourite film.  In fact, I have a difficult time picking 10 favourite films!

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