Monday, 11 July 2016

Philippines - Tea

June 27, 2016

I have a lovely shaped card for your viewing pleasure today.  When I found this in my mailbox I was thrilled.  It is quite beautiful.  Add that to the friendly note on the back and I think this is a great postcrossing!

This card came from Susan in the Philippines.  She wrote, "Hello from the Philippines! I love tea and this teapot postcard is one of a series I love sending out to Postcrossing friends.  Please drink a cup for me when you get this.

It's the tail-end of summer here, but we've been having showers too, signalling the start of rainy season.  Susan"
I scanned the card with a black background.  It is a shaped card.  It did get a bit battered on the way,
but that adds to the charm.

What a pretty little stamp.  I can make out the word festival, but I don't know what else it represents.  Readers?

Edited to add that it is most likely Sinulog Festival, and of course, here is the Wikipedia article for those of you interested.

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