Tuesday, 26 July 2016


July 9, 2016

This big card came to my mailbox recently.  It was sent by Nataliya from Russia with a friendly note on the back.

She wrote,
"Hello from Russia!  Hello from the glorious city of St. Petersburg.  My name is Nataliya.  I'm 35. The EVA FOUNTAIN is depicted on a postcard.  This fountain is located in Lower Park of Peterhof. Peterhof is a suburban imperial residence, the capital of fountains and a triumphal memorial in honour of Russia's return to the Baltic Sea at the beginning of the 18th century.

I invite you to visit our beautiful city.  Please, don't believe everything bad that is said about the RUSSIANS. The RUSSIANS are good people! I wish you love, health, peace!"

The Eve Fountain. 1726

An interesting grouping of stamps.  I rather like them.

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