Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Germany - Actress in Black and White

July 19, 2016

Thomas sent this nice card of Marilyn Monroe from Germany and actually read my profile and replied to some of my questions in it. That was great! My last question is about the undelivered cards.  I wonder where they go.  Thomas has an answer for me!

He wrote,

"Best wishes from Germany: My favorite movies are Hangover (all 3 parts). I think they are soooo funny.  To answer the last question of your profile: Don't be sad, the cards have just decided to make a trip around the world and visit all the beautiful things that we are not able to see.  They enjoy li[f]e and perhaps they decide one day to do their job and go to the receiver.

All the best

A very nice picture of Marilyn

Some lovely views on these stamps.  I think they must have changed the stamps again!

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