Monday, 28 November 2016

Russia - Food

October 31, 2016

This card has already been featured on my blog a couple of weeks ago during the Linky Blog Party for Coffee, Tea and Pastries, where it was very popular.  However, I didn't tell you about the sender of the card, nor show off the stamp, so I hope you enjoy this second look at the card.

Anja wrote,
"Hello Helen,

I'm Anja, 31. I live in Moscow, but originally I'm from Sankt Petersburg.  I'm really interested in languages because I'm a linguist working in a translation company.  I would like to learn Chinese but it's so complicated!

Lots of love,

This is the Russian Postcrossing stamp.  Yay Russia.  I keep hoping that Japan will get one, but they haven't so far.  They did have an explanation about Postcrossing on the Japan Post Website for a while though.

Thank you Anja for a really cool card and stamp!

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