Saturday, 3 December 2016

Lighthouse Link-Up

December 2, 2016

I only have a couple of Gotochi Cards for you today.  The subjects of today's Linky Blog Party are Lighthouses.  I was only able to find three Gotochi cards for today, but will only show off two shaped cards and a bonus.

The first isn't exactly a lighthouse, but it looks a lot like one! It symbolizes a lighthouse to the landlocked city of Kyoto.  I have been to Kyoto and was probably very close to this tower, but I don't remember it at all.

Here is the website of The Kyoto Tower.  The building includes a hotel, restaurants and even a public bath.

The second Gotochi card shows a lighthouse, but it is in the background of the card.  If we ever feature trains on postcards, I will probably post this card again! The card represents the Choshi Electric Railway Line, a 6.4 km railway line.  It was popular at one time with people who wanted to watch the first sunrise of the year along the coast. I believe that the lighthouse in the card is the Inubosaki Lighthouse, which was designed and built by Richard Henry Brunton, a Scottish Civil Engineer.

For a more local view of a lighthouse I present this one...

This is a picture of a lighthouse in the next city, Sakata.  It is still a working port and there are often ships from other parts of the world visiting.  I believe that this isn't a "real" lighthouse, it is a tourist attraction in Hiyoriyama Park.

Thank you for joining me for this look at lighthouses. I'm from a completely landlocked area of the world, so lighthouses are not a thing that I am very familiar with. They are fascinating though.  Please feel free to visit the other members of the Linky Blog Party.  Until next time!


Joy said...

I love the idea of travelling on a train to watch the first sunrise, very romantic. Scottish engineers seem to travel to all parts of the globe.

Helen said...

It's a popular thing to do here, much like people climbing Fuji to see the sunrise. I don't like getting up early, so I've never done that kind of thing. Also, I live on the other coast!

And yes, Scottish Engineers do seem to travel all over the world. Brunton travelled all over Japan building lighthouses! It was rather fascinating doing the research for this blog entry.

Eva A. said...

This is a very beloved theme to me. I have organised my trips sometimes "from lighthouse to lighthouse". So I love your postcards, even if they are supposed lighouses, tourist attractions or just in the background. Thanks!

Helen said...

I'm glad that you liked them! I had a feeling that it was you that suggested this theme :-)

It was fun posting these cards.

Maria said...

Hi Helen, your postcards makes me want to plan my next trip to Japan right away. There are so many things to do and see. For example, I didn't get to see this Kyoto Tower (nor the Tokyo Tower) during my trip. Thanks for sharing and linking up. Until next week.

Helen said...

Thank you Maria!

Although I haven't visited the Kyoto Tower, I have been to Tokyo Tower, about 15 years ago now. I didn't like it because it was very crowded. I'm not comfortable in crowds really, and I found it hard to move around in the confined areas of the tower. It had quite a few tourist attractions in it, so if you can find the right time to come, might make it worth it.

I haven't been to the Sky Tree yet...not sure if I dare visit it!

John's Island said...

Helen, I enjoyed your post for the lighthouse theme. I thought that was most interesting about the one that symbolizes a lighthouse to the landlocked city of Kyoto. In a way, that tower kind of reminds me of our Space Needle. How about that? I sure agree with you that lighthouses are fascinating. However, I don't have many lighthouse cards in my collection. Thanks for sharing, Helen, and have a fine week ahead!

Helen said...

Thank you John. I hadn't thought about the Space Needle, but you could be right!
Thank you very much!