Saturday, 28 January 2017

Black and White Cards

January 28, 2017

Today's Blog Party Link-Up topic is anything I want.  So, today, I am putting aside my collection of Gotochi Cards and showing off a few of my favourite cards in one of my favourite topics.

Because I keep this blog strictly for postcards, you may not know that I am a complete Movie-aholic. I see between 30-50 films a year at the theatre and I write a movie column for a women's group that I belong to.  On Facebook, I also have a page related to movie tidbits and information. If you are interested, you can find me here.

Even before I joined Postcrossing, I collected Movie Postcards and I had a special appreciation for Black and White cards of Movie Actors and Actresses.  Every time I receive a black and white postcard with an actor or actress I am very happy.  I have learned about actors and actresses from other countries and from the past.  I wish there was more time to watch more movies, but then I'd probably have to give up my postcards.  Yikes!

Today I thought I would post a few of my favourite Black and White cards that I have received through Postcrossing. The first card is not an actress, but it does have the distinction of being the very first Postcrossing card that I received.  I came across it recently when I was filing away cards and I remember how thrilled I was to receive it.

Toshiko Akiyoshi - Jazz Musician

The incomparable Meryl Streep
Definitely not over-rated 

Margaret Rutherford
Actress famous for portraying Miss Marple
amongst other characters.
I am putting this card in for two reasons.  It makes me laugh and I really love it. It seems to capture so much of John Cleese.  Here in costume for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but taking a break between scenes to play football.  It looks almost like he's doing a Silly Walk too.

John Cleese
I could show you more of these postcards, and perhaps I will in the future.  For now, I hope that you have enjoyed a very brief look at some of my favourite black and white postcards.

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John's Island said...

Hi Helen, These are some neat cards. I am impressed with your collection. In this post my favorite card is the second one, Meryl Streep, and I am so in agreement with your caption! :-) (By the way, that moment, when our new “leader?” spoke those words “over-rated” was, for me, a moment defining his cluelessness.) It sounds like you have a lot of fun with movies. Your blog is very well done and I sure like your design. Have a great weekend!

Helen said...

John, thank you so much for commenting. I do have a lot of fun with movies. I'm glad that you like my blog too. I really can't take credit for the design though because it is a Blogger Template! I might have tweaked the colour but that's about it!

Meryl Streep is a fabulous actress and I am a huge fan of hers. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one!

Thanks again!

John Edwards said...

An interesting change to the Gotochi cards. Some great actors there. Thanks.

Helen said...

Thank you John! The black and white postcards really are how I got into Postcrossing and then all other things postal! I love the timelessness of the B&W portraits.

Joy said...

I like how the Meryl Streep card is done in an golden age movie star kind of style. Margaret Rutherford, always love her films.

Helen said...

Thanks Joy! I like the card as well. I think I've seen another version where we actually see more of her, but I quite like this card. It looks like she's having fun.

Margaret Rutherford was amazing. I loved her films too. I was quite shocked when I read the Wikipedia article, she had a very difficult childhood.

Thank you for visiting :-)

Eva A. said...

I think of you every time I see a cinema-related postcard :)

Helen said...

Thank you, I think! ;-)

Thank you for visiting!

Maria said...

Hi Helen, I'm definitely putting a black and white theme soon! I'm excited to see more of your collection. Thanks for the preview and really looking forward into seeing more.

Helen said...

Thank you Maria.

I think that would be fun to do a Black and White theme!

I love my black and white cards....I still try to find them whenever I'm out shopping.

Thanks for visiting too :-)

DawnTreader said...

Love these :) Meryl Streep is awesome and to me Margaret Rutherford will always be Miss Marple (because she was the first actress I saw doing her on film...)

Helen said...

I'm so glad that you liked them! I think I picked the two ladies because of their faces, and because they are/were incredibly talented too.

I think Margaret Rutherford was probably my first Miss Marple too!

Heleen said...

I love these pictures, the four of them!
The first and last ones are my favourites, although the two portraits make the serie-of-four complete!
The first picture I love for the composition and the way she looks and enjoys making music. And isn't being a musician a kind of acting, too?
And the last, oh, how I remember the fun we had watching the - then new - Monty Python movies! GReat picture of John Clees as a knight.

Thank you for sharing!

Helen said...

I agree that being a musician is a type of acting! I am really pleased that you like them so much Heleen. I remember the first time I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail too. CBC TV put it on one night instead of a sporting event and my mother and sister and I watched the lunacy and laughed our heads off! Thanks for helping bring up the happy memory.

Thank you too for commenting :-)