Tuesday, 31 January 2017


January 16, 2017 Received//January 18, 2017 Registered

I had sort of an oops when this card arrived.  I was having a very bad day and looked at the card which was written in French.  The writing looked exactly like one I had received a few weeks before, so for some reason I just assumed the previous sender had sent me a friendship card because I had written to him in French.

Two days later when I was trying to scan the card I realized that it was a REAL Postcrossing and registered it right away with an apology to the sender.  By the way, I am 98% sure that it was the previous sender as the first account was closed and the wording on this card was almost the same.

Anyway, here's the card's message and the translation...thanks to Google!

 This is a really quite cool stamp.  I haven't seen it before.  Wikipedia says that Léo Ferré was a poet, composer and performer.

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