Monday, 27 February 2017

Great Britain - Recipe Card

February 10, 2017

Andy sent this card from Wales to me.  He used an envelope in hopes that the card would arrive safely without being damaged, but the post office had other ideas.  It is still a nice card though.

Andy wrote,

"Bore Da! Helen,
That's good morning in Welsh.

My name is Andy, and I live in Wrexham, North Wales.

I like to read, cook, listen to music, watch movies, photography, hike swim, travel, visit places of historical interest and postcrossing.

I hope you will like this recipe card for BARA BRITH (Fruit Bread)
Best served warm, buttered with a nice cup of tea and the Welsh national flag sticker.

Happy Postcrossing!

This is the stamp that Andy used on the envelope.  It's quite beautiful and I think I had one a few months ago from the same series.

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