Saturday, 25 February 2017


February 25, 2017

Today's Blog Party Link-up topic is Serenity.  I am a movie/sci-fi fan, so I admit that this sums up my first thought. 
However, I must admit that this isn't a postcard that I have received, it is a picture that I found on the Internet.  I'd love a postcard of it if anyone has it though!

Going through some of my cards I found a few that fulfill what I consider to be my qualifications for serenity.

I was a fan of Freddie Mercury, but not a fanatical one.  I probably appreciate him more now than I did when I was younger.  I like the motto attributed to him on the card, and think that it does give a person a definite sense of serenity if they can say it about themselves.

This painting by Quint Buchholz shows how I feel when I am entranced with a book.  It is tempting like a forbidden lover, keeping me company when I am alone, and making me feel that a human companion is an interloper.  To me, it looks like the book is her oasis of peace and comfort, her serenity.
This painting is from Im Land Der Bücher~In the Land of Books.

Virpi Pekkala(Artist)
I like to crochet and I hope that when I am crocheting I can achieve the sense of serenity that the angel in this picture seems to emanate!  I do find that crochet is extremely relaxing and the simple act of manipulating yarn with a hook to make something useful or beautiful does give me a sense of joy. 

It has been many years since I have made something quite as big or as intricate as the maker in the picture, but finishing a work that I have spent months on does bring both peace and happiness.  I hope to attain her serenity one day!

Thank you for joining me on my quest to find serenity.  If you haven't found it here, one of the other bloggers in our Link-Up Party may have a vision of it that you prefer.  Please visit them to find out!


Joy said...

I was bemused at the time that they cancelled the Firefly series so soon, guess that is the reason he had to made the film. Lovely selection of cards especially the crocheting angel.

Helen said...

Thank you Joy!

I was here in Japan when Firefly came out, so I only saw it long after, but I loved it.

John Edwards said...

I definitely found serenity here! The Quint Buchholz painting is especially my view of it as you can tell from my posts.

DawnTreader said...

Out of these I think it's the last one that maybe comes closest to serenity for me.

Helen said...

Oh, good! I'm glad that I got somewhat close to you Dawn Treader! Are you a crafter too?

Thanks for visiting :-)

Maria said...

Found serenity here too, specially with the last two postcards. And I share your thoughts on being entranced with a book. Thanks for sharing!


Monica @ The Dawn Treader missed the linky, to see her postcards for our theme serenity, please follow this link:

Helen said...

Thanks Maria, glad you liked some of the cards too!

Thank you for posting the link to The Dawn Treader as well!

Ania J said...

Nice postcards :) The Crocheting Angel card is the cutest in my eyes :D When it comes to crocheting the last time I managed to do anything worth attention was a cap and that was 12 years ago.... I tried my hand at crocheting again last year and I Can't even do a little thing,lol. Please visit my postcard blog too :)

Helen said...

I'm glad you like the card! Do you knit? Sometimes I think people who knit have a hard time with crochet and vice versa!

Practice and YouTube should help with the crochet, honestly.

Have a great day, thanks for visiting :-)

John's Island said...

Hi Helen, Thanks for sharing these neat cards for the Serenity theme. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I think it may be the angel crocheting. If that isn’t serenity, I don’t know what is! Great card! I really enjoy your blog and your writing that accompanies each post. You are a thinker! :-) Thank you for sharing and best wishes from Seattle.

Helen said...

John, thanks for visiting and leaving a message. I think the crocheting angel does seem to be coming out ahead of the others in popularity. I remember how happy I was when the card arrived. Knitting cards aren't uncommon, but crochet cards are quite rare in my experience!

Thank you for visiting, and I'm glad that you liked my cards and what I write about them!

Eva A. said...

I was travelling last week, so I am visiting your post later than usual.
I love your selection! I am not a crocheter, but a knitter, and I also find serenity in doing so... except when I have to undo and undo, because of some mistakes, of course!
I didn't know the film "Serenity", but I love Quint Buchholz's illustrations. I've got the same postcard, and others from that illustrator (; I admire these works.

Helen said...

Thank you Eva! I'm glad that you like them too. I will check out the link for the other pictures.

I don't usually knit, but I was on a train today and my crochet project of the moment isn't portable, so I took some knitting and it was really enjoyable. I don't knit often, but I enjoy it when I do.

Thanks for visiting and commenting today :-) Better late than never ;-)