Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Czech Republic

April 28, 2017

This great card came from the Czech Republic and was sent by Tomas.   He wrote a nice, long message on the back of his card, which pleased me to no end.

He wrote,

Hi Helen,
My name's Tomas. I'm 34 y.o. man
from the Czech Republic. With my  
family living in small village
named Tlucna near of Pla[can't read the rest], centre
of the Western Bohemia.  I working 
in Prague, capital of the CZ. I'm
police officer.  My favorite hobbies are 
history, genealogy, sport and books.
I love famous novels of Franz
Kafka.  This card is about his
word in his novels.  I hope you'll like it.
Happy PC :-)

The stamps are interesting too.  I've seen the flower one before, but I don't think I've see the other one.  It's too bad that one of them is torn.  

This is the last Postcrossing card that I will receive for a while as I still haven't re-activated my account.  I have been buying postcards recently though, and I am hoping to start sending them out soon!


Eva A. said...

This sounds like a classic, but I like the illustration a lot. Especially because the sender chose something he likes.

Helen said...

I completely agree with you! One of my favourite things is finding out something about the sender of the card.

Thanks for visiting Eva!