Thursday, 8 November 2018

Russia - Beverage Related

October 9, 2018

Kate sent this dreamy card to me from Russia.  She wrote a lovely long message with some translations of the phrases on the card. She didn't sign the card either...but this was a nice one to receive.

She wrote;

Dear Helen!
Hope you'll like this postcard. In the front side, there are words 'Happiness is to make a wish upon a shooting star'. Have you ever tried to make a wish upon a shooting star? I have. When I was a kid.
Now I live in a Big City, and I can Barely see the brightest stars in the night. Sometimes I like going to some lonely [possibly 'lovely'] places without flashing signs and cars rushing around. Have a nice day!

Also on the back of the card, some Russian and the translation, "May every day be happy!"

I love the quiet dreaminess about this card.  I would like to be  that person, or to sit down on the stoop next to her.

Thanks Kate!

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