Monday, 15 April 2019


March 16, 2019

On my profile, I ask people to send pictures of things they like and to explain why they like it. Very few people ever take up the challenge (I wish more would!) but Irina in Bulgaria did. She wrote a lovely bit about the card and it really made my day.

She wrote,

Dear Helen, for your collection I've chosen this card because I like this pottery a lot! It's rather heavy though and I only buy plates sometimes - I like different cups and plates on my table - so I stopped buying sets long ago :)   I'm originally Russian, live in Sofia, fond of art & my two grown ups.

Lots of best wishes!

Knowing that Irina likes this pottery makes it an even nicer card in my view.  Thanks so much :-)
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 I like the stamp too.  I don't receive a lot of cards from Bulgaria so this was a lovely Postcrossing.

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