Thursday, 13 June 2019

United States - Movie Card

April 26, 2019

Leisa sent this cool movie card to me from Texas in the US.  She typed a nice note on the back, with an explanation for the typing, so it was a great card to receive.

Leisa typed;


That's a Texas style hello! My name is Leisa and I live in a small town in this big state. I'm a retired nurse who loves to watch movies. I love "Inn of Sixth Happiness" but you just got to love "Tremors" too!  Sorry for the typed message, I've injured my hand. I always check favorite lists to see if I have a card that might be there. I had this "Hobbit" card that's the same style you have on favorite just a different character. I got it online but didn't know about the strange backs. Can't figure out what language this is but think the style is cool! Hope you like the card.

I do like the card very much and I think the language on the front is Elvish. It has a great couple of stamps too.

The Hobbit, well one of the movies anyway.

Great Sally Ride stamp, and I like the Love stamp as well.

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