Monday, 7 October 2019

Great Britain

July 30, 2019

Emma sent this card to me and it was a bit of a puzzle.  There was a sticker on the front that says she didn't pay enough postage so it was sent by another service.  Now then, the slogan on the card is about frugality, so my question is...did she mean to sent it by a slow service or was it a happy accident?  I have no idea!

She wrote a short and friendly note on the back;
I hope that you are well!
I am a student in the UK. I live by the beach with my boyfriend & our 2 rabbits.


This is the card with the sticker.
This is the card without the sticker

The offending stamp. Oops!

I think I like the postcard more with the sticker than without!  What about you?

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